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American Experience


College Athletes Open Up About Their American Experience

Athletes from Argentina, Norway and Spain reveal what being an international student speaking a foreign language on an American College Campus is like

Fun. Funny. Informative.




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You Are NOT Alone

David Kuszer How I Got Into Law School? - LISTEN
David Kuczer discusses how he was able to fund his college experience, earn acceptance into SMU law school and widen his network of very smart people.
Victory Bouncing Back From Defeat - LISTEN
Every athlete faces defeat. How you deal with it - your resilience, heart, attitude - strongly influences your ability to keep winning and to be a consistent champion. Here, athletes, coaches & psychologists confront the issue of dealing with loss.
Gerardo Mulas Prepping The Golden Child LISTEN
Mulas Martial Arts Director, Gerardo Mulas, addresses the roles and responsibilities of parents and coaches dealing with juniors, who they want to succesfully develop into well-groomed individuals and athletes.
Grant Solomon Grant Solomon On The Rise - LISTEN
Grant, a member of back-to-back USTA Texas Junior Davis Cup Championship Team, takes us through his nternational journeys, as well as his practices with Fernando Verdasco. Then he confronts 'The Tennis Gods'
American Experience Open Mike - American Experience - LISTEN
Athletes from Argentina, Norway and Spain reveal what it is like being an international athlete on an American campus. They are fun, funny and informative.









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