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Keys To Submission by Damon (The Leech) Jackson (MMA)
Damon (The Leech) Jackson, professional fighter and Fortis MMA coach, gives us the keys on how to get out of a bad situation, stay fit, and compete. (In The Village)

Dragons of Romania
Beat The Odds Games We Play
Just A Question SHOWS

Dragons of Romania by Dan Peeler & Charlie Rose
We are myths. We do not exist. These two veteran animators share storytelling secrets and the driving force behind their just released teen novel of a phenomenal new series that even adults love. (Authors Round Table)

Dragons of Romania

How to be a Human - Period!
See Just A Question - the series is back

'Sweet Larceny - Honey's Best Kept Secret' with Marty Huie
Honey On Tap - INNOVATION OF THE YEAR - one of the fastest crowd-funding projects ever. Discover the science and secrets behind the Eternal Shelf Life of Honey and how to produce your own natural honey on tap for business, health or pleasure. (In The Village)

Out Of The Abyss


The Thrill of The Kill with entrepreneur Joey Harper
Wealth and power! Strength and humility. Character! Who wouldn't want to be a millionaire by age 22!?? We've peeled back so little and learned so much. We're only just beginning to uncover his fascinating story (In The Village)

Out Of The Abyss


A Conversation with Nelson Mandela's Grandson
"We must use time wisely and forever realise that the time is always ripe to do right." Nelson Mandela ( Anniversary Specials )


Be Curious - Explore - Real Science
The Desiderata


Out Of The Abyss Into My Skin with Kyle Knapp (Ep 1)
Out Of The Abyss Into My Skin with Kyle Knapp (Ep 2)
College student discloses how he slid into a long deep darkness, the challenges he faces, the actions he has taken, and the kind of ladder he is building to climb out. Part 1 of 2. #ADHD [Youth Life Series]

Out Of The Abyss






The Sage and a Deep Hole present a Serious Conundrum
Brainiacs, creatives & searchers from around the globe wrestle with the Sage's question. Which hand would you choose? [SBL Series]

SBL Sage


2:26 AM - The Gathering - by Neville DeAngelou
Powerful matchbox mystery infused with an epic hunt. The story of a historic family drama, its present day reverberations, and the impact of its revelations on our lives. (SBL Series)

SBL Drama Series
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Just Another Soldier
Homage and honor to the men and women who sacrifice and serve for us; for our freedom, for our peace. [Military]

Memorial Day Remembrance


Equality Vodka - Creativity with a Conscience
Equality Founders Doug Jacobson and Bert Gallagher discuss their novel plan to effect a sweeping societal change in support of Equality For All, with the unique launch of an ultra Premium Vodka aptly named Equality Vodka. [Lifestyle]

Equality For All


Flight Of The Fused Monkeys - 5 Star Series
A daring venture. Psychological intrigue. Deep emotions. Compelling. Humorous. A dynamic exploration of the promiscuity of fear, the cruelty of truth, the futility of power, and the depth of love. [Reading]

Flight Of The Fused Monkeys


Lyn Lyric - Queen Of Sheba - In The Light
Actor, poet, jazz singer and songwriter Lyn Lyric. Her artistry awakens the soul. She pours in light. Her torch is lit with four loves: faith, family, romance and community. She will rock you. [Poets Round Table]

Lyn Lyric


Restoring Our Greatness Today & Tomorrow- BK Reading Series
Excerpts from The Hunks I Dreamed - A Breed Beyond The Hero read by our host Neville DeAngelou; a story of where great men and women come from and how they are made. [Readings]




By Faith I Got The Girl . . . then!! With Andre & Alex Klien
How does Faith influence the daily intimacies of your life? Andre Klien shares his frank dealings with God from his youthful sex life to his life as a husband. It is an inspiring and humorous chat. [Faith]

Andre Klien Family


Riding Moby Dick - Live Performance & Narrative Excerpts
How They Beat The Odds Every Time. Excerpts from live perofrmances and the nominated narration of a transformative memoir. [RyoBooks]




Beyond The Conversation to Broken Relationships - a chat!!
Are we building broken relationships? Love Poet (BRandall), Love Doctor (Brandon L. Jackson), 'God's Poet' (Bill Paterson) and Rapper (Kwaleo 30) issue a strong challenge. [The Conversation]

Brenda Randall & Brandon Jackson


What Would You Do If You Were Evan? Who Is Your Advocate?
Deep through trampled trenches beneath this hustling city our light cuts across muffled groans. There, too, stars do twinkle. Annika Michelle. Rishod. MizViki. Leo Hasaan. Kwaleo30. [The Conversation]

Who Is Your Advocate

"Authentic love does not devalue another human being."


The Conversation Continues with Katelyn Sullins & Kwaleo30
What is the toughest issue, the most difficult person, the most awkward situation for an honest-to-goodness authentic conversation? Playing With Fire and A Question For Mom. [The Conversation Continues]

The Conversation Continues


Who's Got Your Mojo? Take It Back. It Takes Seven.
"I didn't know my own strength. I crashed down, and I tumbled, but I did not crumble. I never knew my own strength." It's a revelation. It's a revolution. It's a rising. UP! MLK Ascends. [Bridging The Gap]

Alex Aisley


I Can't Breathe


Faith And Our Future with Andre Klien
He came face-to-face with life's ultimatum, his wife and four children hanging in the balance. The Journey joins him in St. Lucia to rub shoulders on the 3 PTTP questions. Featuring Make You Known by Adrian Klien & Daryl Daniel. [Preachers To The Podium series]

Adrian Klien

Unclipped Wings - A Nobel Laureate's Personal Journey
What does it take to become a Nobel Laureate? Two things for sure. And maybe three. But is that even near enough? [Wonder Women]

Breast Cancer Awarenes - Susie Lindau
Breast Cancer Survivor Susie Lindau takes us on a personal journey through a battle with cancer. Her courage, commitment and wisdom inform us and are worth every second. When last have you had your check-up? [ Health Check ]

Be Kind - It Does Us All Good.

Being Fit - Jeremy Allen (NFL Player - Falcons, Saints, Vikings)
Are you fit? How do you know? Fitness Consultant and former NFL Player Jeremy Allen reveals what constitutes the true measure of fitness, how to go about being truly fit, and how the J-Plan facilitates meeting personal fitness goals. [RyoSports - Fitness]

Being Fith with Jeremy Allen

Ludi & Jose Re-Discover America The Beautiful
This is the story of two teachers from Spain, Ludi Lobo and Jose Godoy, re-discovering the beauty, treasure and grandeur of America in a very healthy, highly recommended and teachable way. [RyoRun]

Just Wanna Be Me

Mysteries Of The Unseen World - Amos & Cassidy - ART 5
Have you ever considered collaboration? Urban Fantasy Authors Amos & Cassidy (UK) discuss how they collaborate and create characters for their Crimson Series and their Dreams & Shard Series. Then they play The Game. [Authors Round Table]

Can you achieve the dream? Are you living the dream?

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Along The Journey we stop at exotic places, meet fascinating folks with intriguing stories, and reveal novel solutions to some of life's trickiest issues. We play a few games and track the remarkable characters of three classic: BulletSq ILICET - A Time To Begin Again (True Story) BulletSq SBL series, '2:26 AM, The Gathering' (Matchbox Mystery) BulletSq Flight Of The Fused Monkeys (5-Star Series).

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