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Be Yourself

Be Yourself

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Power Of Presence


Be Yourself!

You've probably been told time and time again: just be yourself!.

Solid advice! It is very important for the quality of your life, but what does it mean, how is this achievable, what esle am I if I am not myself?

Think back a little - hopefully not too far back - when you were a child, at a moment or in those moments when you felt most powerful!, most unbeatable, most unrestrainable, most unconquerable!



You probably had just put on your superhero outfit, or was imagining you had


you probably imagined yourself being or becoming your favorite super athlete (that super bowl genius, that worldclass champion, that death-defying show-boat of a hunk)


you probably imagined yourself in uniform - a gun-toting cop, or a fireman with a huge hose, or a dancer that can fly, or the postman with a big package, or that doctor with the stethoscope, or that engineer with the hefty toolkit


you probably imagined yourself being, for that moment or during those moments, your dad, or your daddy, or your papa, or your mommy - that member of your family you so prefer to be.


Perhaps back then you imagined yourself at the podium in the great arena - that preacher, that teacher, that professor, that leader, that commander in chief - or Jesus walking on water - or God, puffing up lighting and thunder!



In those moments, you were on top of the world! You were king kong! You were king of the hill! You were - as always - at the pinnacle of your achieved identity. Can't tocuh this! So pretty, flowers feel ugly!


Why the hell is everyone telling you to just be yourself! Do they even have a clue!!?

Be yourself!

This is solid advice: it is very important for the quality of your life.

When you were a child practicing being someone else - someone you imagined to have it all - someone you believed to have attained - someone that resonated with your ideal of having become the dream - you were experiencing what that new reality can be as you would want it! The lesson you (your being, your mind) discovered was this: it is possible to attain that sense of well-being, of accomplishment, of top-of-the-rock; it is within you; it is already in you - YOUR MIND IS SPEAKING TO YOU (LOUDLY), saying, it is possible; it is achievable; it can be done; you can do it; you just did it when you were imagining being; it was you that just did it to you, BUT you were not being you when you did it, so it was unsustainable in reality. Unless you crazy!

Now look what happens when you become you!

Boom! It brings you back to that mundane reality, deosn't it? Ooops! Back to that no-body! That who-do-you-think-you-are, slapped upside down the head boy! That who-gives-a-f**k!

Does it?

Then somebody has done messed with your mind and took you from you; and NOW it is time for you to get you back! Reclaim you then turn yourself into what you can be; what YOU WANT to be!

It is time to be YOU!

But you've got to face the MIRROR! (That'll take some courage). Face the mirror. Get beyond the facade! Go to you - the authentic you - that's the you with all the possiblities - the king child - the super you in diapers - the one with the power of presence - the one you left behind - the one you must now prepare for the party then bring to the party - the one who causes necks to whip-lash when you arrive! The AUTHENTIC you! That's the dude you've got to grab! That is you! You're NOT going to get to where you REALLY WANT TO Go without that guy! But you can try!

And you'd be a fool if you just drag that baby-in-daipers out into the blinding light, or put a tie-and-suit on that thumb-sucker and fetch him out through the cold.

You'd be the fool.

Let me IMAGINE you are SMARETER than that. We've only just begun! You can't begin until you go back to you - the AUTHENTIC you - apologize for this abandonment, embrace, then begin to reaquaint yourself with that genius! That's a good start! If you have a better one, then do that! But you will have to begin there - embracing the AUTHENTIC YOU!

So what is this AUTHENTIC, if not a tired old sound being touted and bellowed at every turn?


of undisputed origin, genuine
not false or copied, real
true to one's personality, spirit or character

original pure true
actual bona fide for real

Thi is the 'you' we're talking about. This is the you, you've got to be!

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment," Ralph Waldo Emerson said. I agree.

To be you, you will have to do you! That's the rub. That is where the rubber meets that road. To be you, you will have to do you.

Do You!

When you are ready to Do You, I highly recommend you check out 'The Hunks I Dreamed (a Breed Beyond The Hero)' by Neville DeAngelou.

It is a super a Master Class

Kidnapped Book 2

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