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Kidnapped Book 2


Presence - Purpose - Passion - Poise - Power

RyoMale Quarterly Review

A poignant review of the foreshadowing first novel of the I Dream You series written and narrated by Neville DeAngelou, aptly titled, 'The Hunks I Dreamed' in which are revealed unique qualities of a new breed of youths who are changing the contours of our society and rebranding the character of the true hero.

'The Hunks I Dreamed' raises and responds to an essential question facing millenials, Gen-Z's and alphas in our society.

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'The Super You'

a RyoMale Review of The Hunks I Dreamed by Neville DeAngelou

The Hunks I Dreamed is at once a brilliant adventure and a Master Class, an urgent exploration of a new dream and the revelation of a bold plot against emerging alphas!


There are six generations firmly ensconced in the rapids of American milieu (each generation characterized slightly differently around the world). The seventh consists of alphas.

Three of these seven generations are aging out, yet holding strong: the GI Generation, the Silent Generation and Baby Boomers. Stalwarts, some say. The old guard!

Most every thinker throughout the rolling hills beneath The Kasbah concede something vitally important is missing (lost) - covered up, but conspicuously absent - from the revered ranks of their great arenas, yet no one within the confines of consesus can name exactly what it is.

Dreamer knows what it is.

The General does too.

It was lost in the war.


Dreamer is commissioned to find what is missing, but must first prove he is able to hold and protect it, and directed by decree, if he is proven able, to deliver it to the cusp generation - i.e., emerging alphas - before it is too late.


Two generations hold earth in its sway - wrestling it from the clutches of tradition and rumaging through for some hint of a deeper truth. These two generations are reshaping our world. Some for riches. Some for greatness. Some for blood.

The two generations are: (1) Gen X (the latch-key 'Me' Generation) and (2) Gen Y (the technologically savvy Millenials); neither expressly named, but called out by the evidence.

Can Dreamer find and restore what is missing before this catastrophic restructuring proves irreversible and all dreams are shattered? The window of opportunity is narrowing.


Legacy (an alliance between 'Gen-X / Gen-Y' inheriters and the Society of Palinites within The Old Guard) secretly controls the reins of a not-so-secret and uncompromisingly brutal army: Scrupples!

Scrupples is charged to seize whatever Dreamer finds, divest it, then deploy the divested bits in a cunning scheme to establish firm if not total control over the rising generation - Gen-Z.

Gen-Z is the most diverse and internet savvy of the seven concurrent generations and, left free, a greater threat than any these Palenites have ever witnessed or imagined.

There is an unseen compunding problem. Loners! Even the feared agents of Scrupples is timely unaware and about to be caught completely off guard by a loner's vengeance - Envy!

Avenging the loss of $5B and immense personal power, this Gen X is out to thwart Dreamer at all cost.


The ensuing dynamic 3-way struggle, against time at every turn, is all on its own as satisfying a thrill as any, yet hardly the reason for this joy ride through the sweet winds of ploy. This ride is to find what is missing. And it is a doozie!

This epic adventure proves all the more mentally and emotionally poignant when the novel's unique foreshadowing metaphor is recognized, visualized and evaluated. Four thumbs up! In light of this foreshadowing, the real life dilemmas, challenges and realites unfolding around our globe make The Hunks I Dreamed appear far less a novel, far more a living prophecy. A warning! But it is a warning that comes with a map and the route to an EMERGENCY EXIT.


There are so many gems in this Master Class, all that much the better for reading or listening, it seems patently unfair to call out any. At the same time, there are two gems it would be remiss not to recognize in this applauding review: (a) the peromones of rising super youths and (b) The Super You!

Without giving away the surprise - an epihanous Aha! - I can say this. While alphas are slated to reap the finest reward, Gen Z is about to take the cake in this first novel of this phenomenal I Dream You series.


We discover in this work the ultra importance of Seven C's and Five P's. These five P's are the pheromones of super youths: presence, purpose, passion, poise, and power.

At a glance we recognize each of these. Quite soon, thereafter, we realize their relevance and importance, but what makes this revelation masterful in The Hunks I Dreamed is how they are re-imagined and redefined as essential to this new super-group, and how each of us can caputure their exotic values and integrate their evolution power into our lives.

In every sense 'The Hunks I Dreamed' is a superior game-changer, a classic course worth time and its price so many times over, it's a steal.

RyoMale Review gives this book Five Stars!


Kidnapped Book 2

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Every new era is marked by a challenge that reveals the true nature of its character, its soul, its heart, our very being; a challenge so pervasive, so corrosive, so corrupting, it indulges our need for respite; a challenge that demands a new breed - A Breed Beyond The Hero.

In this brilliantly epic adventure we encounter the rare qualities of those equipped for this challenge: The HUNKS I Dreamed.



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