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Happy Fathers Day


Honoring Our
Father Figures


This is YOUR Day, Dad.
You are a gift to life. You are one of a kind. Celebrating you reminds us just how much you touch those around you. For sure, the love and life of a father is an epic ADVENTURE.


RyoSports Dads
are super Heroes



  Dads and Dudes  


The Hunks I Dreamed




Make a BUCKET LIST of what
you plan to do WITH YOUR DAD


Here are ACTIVITIES you can choose to include:

  1. Participate in his favorite hobby.
  2. Cook his favorite food and enjoy it with him.
  3. Write or record for him a heart-felt message.
  4. Lend him a helping hand.
  5. Find out what he'd like to do and do that with him.
  6. Fulfill one of his wishes.




Daddy's Children are ALWAYS daddy's kids.

1. Affirm him.   2. Forgive him.   3. Engage him.   4. Involve him


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Every new era is marked by a challenge that reveals the true nature of its character, its soul, its heart, our very being; a challenge so pervasive, so corrosive, so corrupting, it indulges our need for respite; a challenge that demands a new breed - A Breed Beyond The Hero.

In this brilliant epic adventure we encounter the rare qualities of those equipped for this challenge: The HUNKS I Dreamed.

Your Dreams Fulfilled

Dreamers Hill

Living The Dream or Tail Between Your Legs?


Dear Dad


Thank you. I value your time. I cherish your care. Thank you for positioning me to be what I am and to become the best I can be.


Thank you for your guidance, even when I'm not smart enough nor wise enough to appreciate what you are teaching me.


Thank you for loving me. I know now that love is all of what you do; that love is action. You give Superman a run for his money.


Thank you dad for being you.


I love you dad.

Thank you.




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