What is a MatchBox Mystery?

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SBL Matchbox Mystery Series

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Gripping. Uplifting. Revealing.
Who would you choose?

A Thrilling New Genre to Delight Mystery Lovers!



Of Vital Interest In this Matchbox Mystery:

  • The Tablet
  • The Book
  • The Goblet
  • The Necklace
  • The Baby
  • The Curse
  • The Riddles

Sage's Announced but as yet Unverified Operatives:

  • The Hustler
  • The Riddler
  • The Clown

Named (secretly or otherwise) but as yet unrevealed members of the Kaufer-Natty Lineage

  • Prince
  • Joy

So far 'revealed and verified' member operatives of the Kaufer-Natty Lineage

  • Aunt Lucille
  • Galaxy
  • Flying Water
  • Sky
  • Cloud

Exposed Beneficiaries of the legacy of Gustav Trudeaux

  • Katelyn Kathryn Shriver
  • Her three sons


  • TenVernGom
  • Lex Gantor

Supreme Agents

  • 12CXTor
  • Gan2X6Y
  • XZ9Cube

Of Vital Significance in this Matchbox Mystery

  • Three Orders
  • Revealed Realms
  • Supreme Council
  • Great Tellers
  • Oh-Happy Flights

Secret Societies

  • The Adventures

Central Characters

  • Peena May
  • Keisha
  • Clay
  • Prof. Hollingsworth

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2:26 AM, The Gathering

Flight Of The Fused Monkeys

Riding Moby Dick

'I Dream You' series - The Hunks I Dreamed - A Breed Beyond The Hero


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What is a MATCHBOX Mystery?


A matchbox mystery is a thrilling new sub-genre - a puzzler - consisting of three unique elements organized to tease, delight and intrigue lovers of great stick-to-your-bones mystery thrillers, and is usually centered around historical and / or life-transforming events and scenarios.

Stories, incidences, revelations and the like within a matchbox mystery, are often presented from individual perspectives, each of whom may be mysterious and / or deeply intertwined with the mystery and / or affected by the mystery.

Even though it is a reader's (or listener's) perogative to stand on the outside and look in, as one would a grand revelation, a matchbox mystery is constructed to allow the reader (or listener) to be emersed, that is to be wholly on the inside of the mystery, as part and parcel with the mystery, while solving it.

Non-mystery buffs will discover matchbox mysteries to be chockfull of heartwarming, intriguing and transformative stories and insights.

Matchbox Mysteries are excellent conversation and discussion centerpieces, ideal for clubs, gatherings, outings, party conversations, and icebreakers.

Looking for intriguing quotables? Matchbox Mysteries contain many. Oh, so many! Let the thrills begin. READ or LISTEN TO THIS SAMPLE (CLICK).


What are the 3 Unique Elements?

Bowfoot Peter Hunks Audio Bowfoot Peter

Element 1:
Unique Matchbox Puzzle / Problem / Pickle

Participants (characters and readers / listeners) are faced with, presented or experience, an overarching mystery. Most likely each particpant will initially be aware of only one or other aspect of the problem being faced, the conondrum presented, or the encompassing danger, each of which ensue from the peculiar mystery at hand. That individual awareness is the participant's lead-in to the matchbox. a participant needs that matchbox when entering a darkness. (There are several kinds of darkness in these mysteries.)

Quite often, a great wonder and thrill is a reader/listener experiencing beoming a participant.

If you are a level 1 participant, know there are always clues to your matchbox. This matchbox might be right in your pocket or personal space. Or not! At this level, traveling through the ensuing darkness without a viable box of matches, you are screwed; you'll bump into things; whispering voices will scare you senseless; your imagination will do strange things to you. Have fun with that! You will.

If you are a level 3 participant - a mastermind - you learned a) how to discover or decipher the overarching mystery, b) how to use your box of matches, and c) how to create a light even in the absence of a matchbox replete with matchsticks (because you know how to rub sticks or click stones to start a fire). Yes! And there are many sticks and stones in a matchbox mystery.

Notice, we said nothing of level 2! This is not an oversight. Nothing is an oversight!

Element 2:
Matchstick Lit Moments

There are opportunities a-plenty - scratch a match - for lit moments existing throughout the dark. But beware! In the wrong spaces - there are always a few - wind or water can 'out' your light. Lit moments enhance your progression. Journey on.

If you are a level 1 participant, as with everyone else you will probably come upon candles along the way. Of course, you will not want to light those candles a) wherever you are likely to blow yourself and your space into oblivion, b) disclose to the villain or evil one where you are hiding, or c) set yourself afire, except metaphorically (which still isn't pretty).

If you are a level 3 participant - a mastermind - you live for lit moments. You have learned how to search. You have mastered the art of discovery. You are focused on solving the matchbox mystery, i.e., on putting the lit pieces of the puzzle together, as well as, on enriching and enlivening yourself with many 'aha' and 'OMG' moments!

No, we did not forget those of you at level 2! Good luck!

Element 3:
Treasure Box to be Opened

Every matchbox mystery has a treasure trove to be found; you will need its key. Find the key. Open it. Voila!

If you are a 'level 1' and you have made it this far, the key is in your fetched bag of good stuff. Hopefully, you've kept enough matchsticks to sort through your bag of good stuff. You will need to figure from that lot a) the key and b) how to use this key to access your treasure trove.

If you are a 'level 3' - a mastermind - you anticpate the joys and recognize the danger accessing the treasure trove. This is your big moment! Live! Laugh! Love! You deserve it. This far, you have looked, listened and learned well! That's what you came for. Applause! Your eyes will sparkle. Your mouth will drop. You will drool sweetness.

Okay, Level 2, let's throw you a bone. '3!' That is your magic number. Use it wisely.

Bowfoot Peter The Hunks I Dreamed

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