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Business Of Doing Business
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(in order of appearance)

Jeff Klien
Founder of Speaker Co-op
Topic: The Pitch

Tim Gillette
Creator of Rock 'n' Roll Keys To Business Success
Topic: Your Story

Sheryl Sandberg
COO Facebook
Topic: Your Story

Maya Penn
Young Innovator & Entrepreneur
Topic: Your Story


Mark Cuban's 4 Keys To The Perfect Pitch

Byron Allen Unique Succesful Model Defies Conventional Business Wisdom


Alley Cat

How to get what you want while you're busy changing the world.

Today's Challenges Require A New Breed

The Hunks I Dreamed

Do you have what it takes to give a new dream life?


Richard Branson: "My biggest motivation? Just to keep challenging myself. I see life almost like one long University education that I never had — everyday I'm learning something new."


Business! Creating value! How do we accomplish this in a social media, technology savvy, continuously evolving Net Gen World?

At its best, successfull businesses provide goods and services that add value to all engaged parties and their environs.

What produces longterm value? What gurantees success? How do we manage business in an ever-changing environment?

In The Business Of Doing Business series, we are exploring these and more issues in search of SMART approaches.

Panels of business leaders, creators, experts and entrepreneurs are sharing experiences, delivering the details, and counseling up-and-comers on creating economic and social value in our new and changing world.

Business! Start with a problem you want to solve. Create a solution that adds value. Let those that need it know.

Have you done that?

No! Then you do not have a business - not yet! First, SOLVE that problem! (See our "BUILDING MY BUSINESS" section.)

Yes! Then you need the FOUR essentials we are presenting in Section One of our series. The FOUR being revealed by episode are necessary aspects of the business of doing business.


Episode 1: The Pitch!

The Pitch: a) what it is, b) why it essential to every entrepreneur, leader, organizer and innovator? Own it & Hone it. Guest: Jeff Klein

Episode 2: The Story!

The Story: understanding and embracing your own story is integral to the success of the business you are creating, operating or leading.



THE STORY - Part 1
Tim Gillette


THE STORY - Part 2
Sheryl Sandberg & Maya Penn

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RESOURCES on Building a Business

Necessary Elements of Creating Value





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