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U R on The Journey. Listen to intriguing stories. Fascinating people with unique solutions to tricky problems. LIVE-LAUGH-LOVE. Play the game. Enjoy remarkable heroes in 3 classics: A Sound Byte Life, Flight Of The Fused Monkeys, ILICET - A Time To Begin Again.

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Which Hand Will You Choose?
'A Donkey In A Hole' episode
based on the SBL sereis



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Intriguing Stories (Click on an image for its story) See left panel for more categories. 

Modern Family Series
Priya Bhola-Rashod
Henrique Anton
Judah Epstein
Indomitable Spirit: Phenomenal achievements - Optimism - Hope - Belief - Heroism - Sacrifice - Relationships - Dreams

Featured Authors, Poets & Storytellers
We are our stories: the stories we run from, the stories we run to, the stories we share, the stories we believe. Share your story.

Discussions: Unique Solutions to Life's Tricky Problems
Fascninating folks who find solutions.

Playing The Game

Incredibly Imaginative - Profoundly Relevant - Intuitive - Brilliant -  Resourceful - Revealing - But what would you do?

Spirituality & The Sacred
Under the coconut tree with friends sharing: Faith - Hope - Love - Gratitude - Community - Family

Music - Singers & Musicians
Josh Hendrick (Pop Rock) - The Yule Logs (Christmas/Hanukah) - Saul Kurtz (Featuring 'Partner In Crime')  




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A Flashback:
Verse & Rhythm
at Oak Cliff Cultural Center

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