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Story Submissions
The Journey - Your Digital Radio - encourages Authors & Storytellers to submit their thrilling huddle stories (real or imagined)
to be heard Around The Campfire around the globe.  


There are marvelous storytelling traditions around the globe and within communities and cultures.
We're encouraging you to share them. We'd like to hear them too.

We're opening a channel on The Journey for you to share. So, if you have an intriguing campfire story, a personal story,
or one that springs from your imagination and you'd like to read it (perform it) or have it read on The Journey then let's begin.

We encourage you to submit any of your stories, however, for the next three gathering sessions, respectively, our themes are as follows:
  1. Nature
  2. Nurture
  3. Nightmares
YOUR STORY SHOULD BE BETWEEN 2 and 10 minutes in the telling.
(There are a few unique stories for which we will allow 15 minutes.)


Around The Campfire Story SUBMISSIONS (The Journey)
First Name  *
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Author's Name  *
Will you narrate / perform the story? (If so, provide your Skype contact or be prepared to submit an audio file.)  *
Would you prefer one of The Journey's narrators / storytellers to share your story? (Yes / No)  *
Provide a synopsis of your story,
Indicate the theme: nature, nurture, or nightmare?  *
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You will be required to declare the author's permission to share the submitted story unless you are the author of  the story.
The Journey Your Radio Show is a digital radio station broadcasted live and podcasted FREE on many internet platforms,
including iTunes, BlogTalkRadio, RyoSportsRadio, Blubrry, SoundCloud, BlogSpot, CariTunes, as well as, on social media
and blogs around the globe.

Thank you for sharing your story.
The Journey - Your Radio Show

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