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Athletic Services

RyoSports Flex Tennis Lessons  

Flexible. Fun. Fierce. Friendly. Keep Healthy. Hit Smartly. Best Life Tips. BRING YOUR BEST, WE'LL DO THE REST.

Private Tennis Lessons:
$50.00 an hour
$28.00 half an hour

Group Classes / Drills / Cardio Tennis (Day Time Schedule):
4 week programs (of 4 or more): $22 per member per session
Grab a few friends and raise your game up a notch.
Drills And Skills

Hourly, monthly and premium package prices are available for RyoSports Tennis Sessions, Lessons, Coaching and Clinics
Books, Vids, Tips, Trips, News, Views & Much More - GET INTO TENNIS.  . 

Sign Up:
Email: tennis@ryosports.com

Specialty Sessions available for all levels (individual and groups): tennis@ryosports.com

  • Footwork Clinic
  • Stroke Technique
  • Cross Training
  • Performance Fitness
  • Match Strategy
  • Video Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Mental Training

Premium Package Prices and Specialty Arrangements available for each of the following RyoSports Services: services@ryosports.com

  • College Prep
  • Game Strategy 
  • Match Practice, Preparation & Counsel 
  • Junior Development
  • Skills Development for all adult levels
  • Mental Training
  • Elite Caching 

RyoSports Elite Coaching and Athlete Management Services
Elite individual coaching to athletes (Click Here For Details or Submit Coaching / Management Request)
Rates are related to the period / type of coaching / management required or designated

  • Private / Personal Sports Coach
  • Tournament Sports Coach
  • Traveling Sports Coach
  • Mental Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Manager

RyoSports Mental Training
RyoSports offer a number of different styles of Mental Training, appropriate to the needs and preferences of individual athletes. Click Here For Details or to Request An Assessment

RyoSports Performance Training
Performance Improvement Training For All Levels of Athletes: Click Here To Schedule
$60.00 an hour
$35.00 half an hour

Event Services: services@ryosports.com

  • Event Management
  • Event Emcee
  • Music Band / Singer / Entertainer / Comedian
  • Speakers (Motivational, Inspirational, Sport Specific Topics, Other Speaker Topics)

Tutoring Services For Athletes:

  • Math (all levels available)
  • English (all levels available) 
  • Economics (High School and College levels)
  • Physics 
  • Computer Science   
  • Multimedia
  • Public Speaking
  • Social Networking

Video Recording and Video Production Services For Athletes
: tennis@ryosports.com
  • Tournament
  • Event (Public / Private)

General Inquiry email: services@ryosports.com


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