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Christian Grau - RyoSports Hot Seat
Christian Grau - RyoSports Hot Seat
6/16/2012 6:10:07 AM

  What do you think of the Texas Grand Slam?
Christian:  The Grand Slam is one of my favorite tournaments just because of the number of players who show up. Everyone comes out, and everyone is trying to play at the top of their game. I have so many fond memories of this tournament from years past.

RyoSports:  How do you assess your chances this year?
Christian: The current boys 18s field is so deep. every player competing has the talent to make a deep run. I think if Im playing well my game can really do some damage and I know alot of players feel the exact same way about their game. The margins between win and lose are so small at this level.

RyoSports:  What's your mantra for this tournament?
Christian:  My mantra would probably be "relax and be professional." By this point, everyone competing has put in lots of hard work. All you can do is compete and be professional and trust your game to do the rest.

RyoSports:  Who is your pick to win the French Open?
Christian:  For the french, picking anyone other than Rafa is a poor move.

RyoSports:  Who is your pick to win Wimbledon?
Christian:  For Wimby I'd pick Roger. He's so tough on the grass and is playing very well this year.

RyoSports:  If you get to choose a famous athlete to hang with for twenty-four hours who would you pick?
Christian:  Michael Jordan. Basketball was my first love, and my family hails from the Midwest. I'm a huge bulls fan, and MJ is one of the greatest champions ever in all of sports.

RyoSports:  If the Genie-God turned you overnight into the best athlete you can ever be, which gets you to the finals in a Grand Slam, which grand slam would that be and which professional player you would want to be facing for this history-making moment?
Christian:  Federer. In my opinion, he is comfortably the greatest ever. And probably the U.S. Open. being american, its hard not to wish for your biggest triumph at flushing meadows.
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