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Coach Tobias Clemens
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Coach Tobias Clemens (former ATPWorldTour Player & Asst SMU Coach) In Peru is preparing to launch his new Tennis Academy in Lima. After a visit to Machu Picchu, he explains how athletes can grow from competent players into consistent champions then he & his wife meet us at The Fork In The Road. Listen

World Cup Soccer - In Brazil - Positively Insane:

RyoSports on The Journey - World Cup Soccer 2014 in Brazil - with Eric Florance (US), Taylor Granville (US), Ludi Lobo (Spain), Jose Godoy (Spain) and Daniel Hernandez (US-Mexico). It's crazy and crazy beautiful - absolutely insand and it's only just begun. Who do you pick to take home the big prize. Our soccer superheroes tackle the question, give us their picks then add another super power to their arsenal. What makes for a great Soccer Team? LISTEN

Miguel Goncalves, The Athlete Trait & Your Health Check Up

From Oporto to Maputo, Miguel Goncalves takes us on a journey into Mozambique as we continue to explore ways athletes create beautiful lives, confront challenges, and create opportunities. Do you have the Athlete Trait? Get it. Plus, it's time for Your RyoSports Health Check. Guys, check your testicles: learn how to prevent or spot testicular cancer. Listen.


The Day 7 Boys Became Men (A Truly Inspiring Series)  LISTEN
HOST:  ARISEL PEREZ  Richard King Mustangs

THE 7 BOYS: Josh Lopez. Matthew Musquiez, TK. Revis, Ben Haby, Luis Galicia, Ryan Quezada and Arisel Perez.

THEIR COACH:  Tom Castillo

Ben Haby, Nate Milles, Thomas Saldana, Ryan Quezada and Coach Tom Castillo

Episode 1: Meet BEN HABY

On Demand Sports Episodes

Hyrbrid Fitness
Gerardo Mulas, Martial Arts Director discusses the value of Hybrid Fitness. Dealing with fear, confrontation and conflict resolution. Martial Arts. Yoga, Zen. Nutrition. Listen

Jordan on Chat With A Champ
McKinney Bulldog athlete, Jordan Hart, UIL State repeat Champion compares and contrasts is victories on Chat With A Champion.. Listen.

Prepping The Golden Child
Mulas Martia Arts Director, Gerardo Mulas, addresses the roles and responsibilities of parents and coaches in regards to successful junior development.Listen.

Bouncing Back From Defeat
Every athlete faces defeat. How s/he deals with it - her/his resilience, heart, attitude - influences her/his capacity to keep winning. Athletes, Coaches & Psychologists face the issue. Listen.

Grant Solomon On The Rise
Back-to-back USTA Texas Junior Davis Cup Championship Team. Grant takes us international. He practices with Fernando Verdasco and meets The Tennis Gods. Listen.

Joshua Thompson Plano Marathoner
Joshua Thompson has competed in 12 marathons including 4 majors. He takes us into his life, through a marathon, into his music, and plays our SILENT SUPERHERO. Listen.

How I Got Into Law School?
David Kuczer reveals on The J how he was able to fund his college experience, be accepted into a top law school and widen his network of very smart people. Listen.

Open Mike - American Experience
Athletes from Argentina, Norway and Spain reveal what it is like to be an international athlete on an American campus. Fun, funny and informative.
Gaston Cuadranti, Tobias Flood, David Costa Soria

Hearts Of Gold
A Mother's Love. UIL State Championships featuring Austin Mayo, Brandon Hogland, Connor Curry, Jordan Hart, their parents and coaches involved in some of the nail-biting matches leading to Gold. Listen.

Live From Aggieland
Texas Grand Slam, the Nation's largest junior tournament, is one of the hottest Texas Superchamp tickets. Meet  the champions live at Texas A&M. Listen.

Rockwall Yellow Jackets
Coach Fulkerson and the Yellow Jackets on The J after a winning UIL North Region Silver Medal and the opportunity to compete at the State Championships. Listen.

Toughest Race On Earth
Explorer Judah Epstein takes on the toughest race on earth and shares the experience on The J.  Listen.

Transitioning To A Professional
ATP World Tour tournament director, Zoltan Papp, discusses what it takes to successfully transition from a student athlete to an elite professional athlete. Listen.

The Games Men Play (Part 1)
The real game we're playing when we play the game is more often than not substantially different than the game we are engaged in. Meet the Hearns and the gamers. Listen.

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