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RyoBooks is proud to release a first book of poems by Ric Couchman entitled Musings From Outside the Universal available on Amazon's Kindle. 

An educator, artist and outdoorsman, Ric Couchman was born in Guyana, South America and lives in New York. His first book of poems takes us on a journey across the landscapes of his childhood, adolescence and adulthood. He describes it as a "poetic exploration of its contradictions."

This collection is alive.

From the opening beat of A View From The Cradle, the beckoned reader, tethered to life, is whisked into the turbulence of a dogged reality, destined for a ride throughout which the myth-themes of life, the dimensions of love, family and faith, and the hatch-marks of individual and collective responsibility are shaken and reshaped.

Ric Couhman acieves in this collection what the poet Archibald MacLeish says, that a poem should not mean, but be. These poems stir the bowel and reset the heart.

Ric Couchman is represented by Octopus Agency (jps@ryosports.com). 

Contact: Tim David - TimdManagement@gmail.com
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