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Modern Family Series
U R on The Journey. Listen to intriguing stories. Modern Families with unique solutions to tricky problems. LIVE-LAUGH-LOVE. Play the game. And enjoy the remarkable heroes of 3 classics: A Sound Byte Life, Flight Of The Fused Monkeys, ILICET - A Time To Begin Again.

The Modern Family - In Pursuit Of Fairness

Dr. David Jenkins (TCU) and Mr. Bruce Carter (AA)

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Part 1 
In Pursuit Of Fairness
Dr. David Jenkins & Bruce
Part 2
On Becoming A Parent
Dr. David Jenkins & Bruce Carter
Part 3
Out OF The Abyss, Into My Skin(1)
Kyle Knapp
Part 4
Out Of The Abyss, Into My Skin (2)
Kyle Knapp


A Rich & Powerful Modern Family Moment

Bruce & Lisa
Just Love It

Dr. David Jenkins' Spouse (Bruce) and Ex-Wife (Lisa) enjoying each other's company.

"As we were sitting in the back yard, Lisa laughed at one point and showed Bruce a couple of her bracelets. She said I gave them to her and I was good for jewelry! Bruce added that he hadn't got much jewelry. Lisa never fails to bring the humor." David Jenkins


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