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Through the mirror we see
from angled views
our selves
revealed beneath a light

that zit
that boil
  crooked lips
     twisted nose
        beauty spoiled

while toes hide
beneath potbellied folds, naked

or toenails so untimely
sharp teeth cannot be seen
for the eye is trapped
- perspectively -
through a cone,
dripping, dipped too low.

"Oh, Mirror-Mirror, show me me."


George Zimmerman is a mirror.
Trayvon Martin is a mirror.

Some looking at the one mirror
see someone else beside
evil personified
depravity - wretched state of soul
wickedness - rotted heart, stench so thick
un-scented to crooked noses so long defiled,
tucked and puffed with squirts of bottled roses

And looking at the other
straight on
see the self
not submitting to evil’s claim
not surrendering without a fight
eternally strong
against the spits of heated steel;
breath stilled to rip the veil,
exposing scars beneath thick rouge;
breath stilled to show
the strength of beauty
and the shrill of evil
so cold.

Trayvon Martin is a mirror.
George Zimmerman is a mirror.

That self, in which, we see
  the lie
     our truth

while this universe prints unceasingly
indelible images, unbroken,
every speck
- without respect to conical views -
unrestricted reflections, the which,
Eternity sees.

And we alike; we see
every wink of every moment
of our self stilled
reflected in mirrors everywhere
and constantly,

for George Zimmerman is a mirror.
Trayvon Martin is a mirror.

Each of us seeing self in one
not the other

in this singular event
no one can hide
from the burden of our ancestry
from the victim of our ancestry


Blinded never -
not in this light
stilled against monstrous walls.
Stilled forever
this sight of you and me

for George Zimmerman is a mirror.
Trayvon Martin is a mirror.
I see you. You see me.

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