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Head Coach: Neville DeAngelou

The competition begins long before you step on the court, long before you enter the arena. So it is in every sport. So it is with life. So it is with every elite athlete.

 Before a competent athlete steps on the court (say in tennis, as with Djokovic, Federer or Nadal ) he or she has already has gotten a few games  (even a full set) in-the-bag; yes, that's before the first ball is struck? 

Champions enter the arena and step on court full ready to stake his or her claim, to close the bag, to ensure that this bag of unchallenged points is zipped up, tagged with his or her name and booked in the record. Punto final. Even so, champs know quite well they must still close the match. They know that no match is over until the last point is won or the opponent has surrendered. So it is in this sport. So it is in life. 

The Hunk I Dreamed - The true makings of the modern super athlete.

RyoSports Elite Tennis Coaches:

David Kuczer

Tobias Clemens

Chris Hooshyar

Federico Murgier


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