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A Pearl Of Great Price

On September 18, 1994, quadruplets were delivered by C-Section in the exclusive St Teresa Wing, Mercy Hospital Maternity Ward - Room 304, to Patricia Grace Thomas.
She died that night. Her quadruplets - two boys and two girls - were tagged JJ, V-JJ, 3J and JT.
On September 24, 1994, these healthy babies were received into the guardianship of Patricia Thomas’ butler, Nicholai Navlikov, and a new nanny, Lyn Reichman. They were then secretly whisked away and raised in the privacy of the lavish Ross Daum Estate.
Now teenagers, three of the quadruplets are otherwise known as Jay-Jay, Vee Jay-Jay, and Tulu. Jai Lyn died. Their trust fund has doubled. An unearthed pearl necklace has awakened a child's memory. This is the most intriguing unfolding of young lives since William and Harry, since Prince, Paris and Blanket, since Daninielyn.
Now someone is talking. 
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