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  • The core of one's strength is rooted in the natural fabric of authentic values.


  • Be who you are and discover what you can be. Awesome!


  • Don't make excuses and don't let others make excuses for you. Seize the day. Ask. Seek. Knock.


  • You can. You will when you put your mind to it. Just do it! It takes guts and know-how! Let's show you.


The Hunks I Dreamed

Kidnapped Book 2

Riding Moby Dick

Excellence is ALWAYS an Option




RyoLearn Black Male Achievement Continuing Programs


Re-claiming control of the Black Male Narrative is NOT about finding role models - we've grown beyond that. Hope you have too, or soon will. Glance anywhere around, you'll notice giants, genuises, leaders and lovers, practicioners and up-and-comers of every sort jotting high through the rubble.

This is about keeping the black male aware of his true story, just as every other male is or should be properly and justly kept. Here is providing him tools, strategies, framework, support, guidance to build his own personal authentic story, regardless of other stories - good, bad, great or indifferent!

This is NOT about balancing the picture! This is NOT about arguing who is telling the truth - who's got and who's not! (We will not sweep any of those under the rug, oh no!) This is NOT about denial of deprivations, disenfranchisement, hypocrisies, oppression, and all other kinds of enforced suffering quite evident equally to those who see, those who refuse to see, and those who cannot. Is there any still fooled? This is not about turning the tables, though one might justly argue it is about time tables be put feet down, heads up - no permision sought!

This is about Black Male Achievement (in every sphere), about allowing him room to thrive and spread and increase! This is about nourishing and grooming him and oiling his wings and releasing him to fly free. This is about being our brothers' keeper.

This Journey has long begun!

Realities REGULARLY Repeated - Still RARELY Reported: BLACK Male Achievement. We already know. This is just a tinsy-bitsy sample for those who don't and prefer to know.


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RyoSports Radio

Myron Rolle, the former Florida State All-American safety and Rhodes Scholar, was accepted into the Harvard Medical School neurosurgery program at Massachusetts General Hospital and will begin his residency in Boston in June, a month after he graduates from the FSU College of Medicine.

Myron Rolle - Harvard


Black Males Of Yale

These brilliant young men are maintaining the conversation - crafting the true narrative. With these images taken by Vivian Dang or just the first set of more to hit the hashtag, #BlackMenOfYaleUniversity.






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