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Barn House

It is a regular looking old-fashion barn. Records show it predates the manor. There are dusty, rusty, crusty things inside. Lots of creepy-crawlies occupy cobwebbed corners and much of the ceiling.

A bird on the oustside of a jammed window, westside, seems unaware of activity inside. However, bees give fair warning that this barn is not abandoned; there is a secret bunker entrance somewhere around. Surprisingly, there is ample playing space. Planty of places to hide, as well.

Piles of hay show strong signs of over use. I haven't figured out how the bunked contraption the boys erected when they were twelve has held up this long. The wagon wheel is gone.
A crusty old painting has long attracted Tulu’s attention, though he hasn't made a move to touch it. I can't see what's got him hooked. You’d think one swipe of this painting would crumble it sending critters scurrying for cover. The painting is partway behind an encased raft of shelves. On the shelves are paint cans, probably not touched for fifty years, as well as, rusty long nails, farm implements, and items I imagine would hold an antique hunter’s eye for a good week. The three Johnson rifles are still hanging on the barn wall right of the painting; seems untouched for half-a-century, at least. Considering what's on record, they're probably still loaded. It seems unimaginable to me that the kids wouldn't at least once have handled those rifles. Not once?

New Activity Log
0814-1333: unresolved shadow cross bunked contraption at about 45 degree angle; holds for 3 minutes then vanishes
0815-1755: Vee-JJ has her tablet and is entering the barn; she seems to be expecting someone
0815-1803: Vee-JJ's facebook, twitter and pinster are open; she is figuring out her clout score. listening to the Beiber
0815-1915: Dorian Archibald enters the barn; Vee-JJ is excited; jumps into his arms; it's a long kiss
0815-2027: barn lights out - Dorian and Vee-JJ still inside
0815-2037: ongoing hot romantic encounter
0815-2115: silence
0815-2200: intermitent snoring
0816-0900: Dorian spotted leaving the barn
0816-0917: Vee-JJ is trying to figure out where the strange music is coming from; she listens
0816-0923: Vee-JJ can't figure it out; she leaves barn and returns to the manor
0817-1127: shadow cross bunked contraption at about 45 degree angle; holds for 7 minutes then vanishes
0817-1821: rat sneaking through; reaches cowboy boots; scurries back - 2 minutes, 13 seconds total
0819-0636: shadow cross bunked contratraption at about 45 degree angle and vanishes in 10 seconds.

Unexpected Music Bleeding Into The Barn
01: Acc-ent-thu-ate The Positive - Paul McCartney
Love Is A Many Splendid Thing - Ray Conniff

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