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The Ryo Message

Connect. Engage. Develop. Out-perform. Be an elite athlete. Maximise and market your incredible athleticism and smarts.

BOS Series - Becoming an athlete. Being an athlete. Becoming & Being Professional. Avoid Obesity.

The Business Of Sport (BOS) Series Intro.

"Transitioning From A Student Athlete To A Professional"
ATP World Tour Tournament Director - Zoltan Papp

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In the BOS series, Experts, Elite and Emerging Players take us deep inside SPORTS.


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Enjoy these digital classics Created Especially For Athletes, Sports Enthusiasts, Parents, Professionals & Recreational Players.

     The Hunk I Dreamed     The Rat And The Alley Cat     ILICET - A Time To Begin Again        

  A monthly dip deep into the Business Of Sports - for emerging athletes:
The World's Highest Paid Athletes
    What constitutes an elite athlete's earnings?
Salaries. Bonuses. Prize Money. Appearance Fees. Licensing & Endorsement Income.
The Games We Play
    The deep secrets of the true competitive spirit 
Thousands of prize money sports exist, but there's much more than fun & funds in the game.

Translation Of Intention
      Now is the best time ever to seize your iopportunity

     The best time to begin becoming an athlete is very early, but there is no bad age to get started.
The field is wide and the way is clear on the inside
     There is something to that old negro spiritual, Wade In the waters God's gonna trouble the water.

What's your excuse this day? Brain Check! Coach Brainee Game Strategy
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